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MHV Ltd is not here to tell you how to do your business. You know your business. But as business owners we can't be experts at everything and we don't have time to do everything. Focus on what you know best and let MHV Ltd help you with:


The number one area for help needed. Bookkeeping basics, data entry, coordinating with your accountant. Good financial data is critical for a successful business, Let MHV help you navigate the piles of paper and make sense of the reports.


Is it time to grow or time to manage your business in an economic slow down? Either way you will need a plan. From budgets and forecasting to strategic marketing development, it all comes together in your business planning.

Software Implementations

Looking to optimize areas of your business with software tools? Let MHV help with sourcing and implementing efficiency tools in your office or within the cloud. From office basics, payroll, to project management, online sales & CRM.


Working beside you, MHV will support and guide you through the areas of finance and administration where you struggle or need fine tuning. Going to business school would be nice, but you're a business owner - who has the time?

Team Services

MHV Ltd does not work alone. Coordinating with a variety of other consultants and services you will be connected with the people you need most. If you're a professional service, consider joining the network.

Professional Support

MHV Ltd is professional, accurate and here to help whether you want to learn to do it yourself or contract out the help. MHV Ltd, after all, is a small business too. We understand what you need because we've been there.

About us

MHV Ltd has been serving clients in Edmonton & Area for over ten years. One thing we have learned as entrepreneurs is that you can't do it alone. MHV Ltd can act as a catalyst for networking, for connecting businesses together through referrals or services or by directly providing services.

Our philosophy, from experience, is that success comes whenever we can work to support each other. We want to support you in acheiving your goals. When that happens, then our goals are realized too.

A portion of our profits goes to support the Alberta Aquarium, a project to create a public conservation aquarium, education and research facility in the Capital City Region. For more information please visit AlbertaAquarium.ca and if aquatic conservation and education is something you can support, please consider joining us in making a donation.

Client Satisfaction with MHV Ltd


Clients who are sole proprietors/entrepreneurs


Clients who are small businesses


Clients who are charities/non-profits


Join Our Team

Are you a independent consultant? Do you offer business services? Do you like to meet people, network and receive referrals? Then you need to contact us. You can join the team as a subcontractor or as part of the referral network. While we live and work in the Edmonton & Area region of Alberta, we are happy to connect with you even if you don't live around here. Use the contact form to drop us a line.


It has come to our attention that some companies are receiving fake invoices in our name through a third party billing system. We do not use third party online billing services, and our services are one-on-one. If you are coming here to see who we are, the invoice is not from us. Please contact us if you have any questions.

How important is Small Business in Alberta?*


of all businesses in Alberta are Small Business


of jobs in Alberta are found in Small Businesses


of Alberta's GDP comes from Small Business


have 1-4 employees

* from "Small Business, Big Impact", SmallBusiness.Alberta.ca, 2014
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